TRAPPs or Training and Recruiting Assistance for Parents and Players is a vision I've had for years.  I have been associated with the game of basketball for almost 40 years and one thing I've learned is that those who are prepared are those who succeed!  TRAPPs provides the services to help prepare you to succeed.   No matter what your current skill level is you still need to improve!  If you are a player that is still developing then preparation and training will improve your chances of making the team.  If you are a starter, then the proper training will help you get better and help distance yourself from your competition.  No matter what level you're preparing for we have the solutions to help you.

Read the "About Coach V" page and see my accomplishments.  Then go to the "Services" page and figure out what you need me to help you with.  If you want to get better and you're willing to do what it takes, contact us today!